PS5: Zen 2 CPU will help create huge worlds and advanced artificial intelligence

PS5: Zen 2 CPU will help create huge worlds and advanced artificial intelligence
Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate director Tomohiko Sho believes that the new hardware will provide developers with new ways to approach original designs in video games.

There has been a good number of technical features in PlayStation 5, which will arrive in late 2020, yet the final specs are still a mystery. We know many of the details such as the AMD Zen 2 processor, a CPU that will have high clock speeds and help Sony build what is already defined as the fastest console in the world. But how will these apply? To what extent will they make a difference in video games? The director and producer of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, the new version of the well-known hack and slash game, explain how much everything will change.

A new world for developers

Sho says during Tokyo Game Show 2019 “By dramatically improving the speed of the processor and the number of things that can be processed or executed, we think this will lead to more advanced AI and larger-scale worlds, allowing us to recreate or simulate higher quality instantaneously,” But will this make it difficult for developers during the first months or years? Although the architecture will be similar to PlayStation 4, yet the new console may need several months to be mastered.

“At the beginning, it may take time to adapt, but the new CPU will allow us to create larger worlds and develop a more advanced AI.”

“While this may temporarily hinder development, in the end, we expect the developers to master the process, so that we can focus more on details and content,” added Tomohiko Sho, which nuanced the effort they will have to put into their titles to squeeze the console’s raw power. What’s the importance of PS5’s new CPU? The new machine will have an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 chip with eight cores and 16 threads, a processing unit much more powerful than the PS4 and with a much smaller bottleneck than the PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro has higher speeds compared to the launch mode, yet it was still incapacitated by the console architecture which launched back in 2013.

PS5: A console with several hardware innovations

PlayStation 5, which will launch at the end of 2020, will be a massive jump compared to PlayStation 4. The GPU offers compatibility with ray tracing, it would allow PS5 to render graphics like Nvidia GTX 1080 and very close to the GeForce RTX 2080. A solid-state hard drive that could make a difference at several levels, Sony’s new console will also release a new DualShock with haptic technology.

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