Blue Box Game Studios has responded to criticism recently, after deleting multiple messages on Twitter, and maintains that development is still underway.
Abandoned is not… abandoned, confirms Blue Box Game Studios. The independent developer of this survival for PS5 has met the speculation of the last few hours after finding that BBGS had deleted many messages on Twitter dedicated to the characteristics of the title. Suppose many players found alleged connections between Abandoned and a Kojima Productions project a year ago. In that case, the community is more inclined to think it is some scam or an unfortunate promotional campaign.

“We have been bombarded with requests and questions about the development status of Abandoned. We respond that the information is false regarding the rumours of cancellation,” they said in a Twitter message. “We are working on the presentation with the Realtime Experience application and the online channels together with the Prologue. They were initially planned for the first quarter of 2022″ due to a schedule that does not fit the forecasts. “Therefore, we have delayed the presentation and release of Abandoned: Prologue. We will release Abandoned: Prologue when it is stable, good and ready.”

” We know of your frustration, and we sincerely apologize. We will continue to work on the game and let you know when we are ready,” the text concludes.

Reactions of all kinds to the statement

Responses to the message have been mixed, with some understandable users appreciating the communication -in this case- of the problems faced by a small study. Others have instead recalled the long history of Blue Box Game Studios with its horror game announcements, the absence of actual gameplay and the subsequent disappearance of web pages. This pattern is starting to look suspiciously like that of Abandoned.

Abandoned will reportedly feature the story of Jason Longfield, whose character will wake up in a forest with no memory of how he got there. “He will soon discover that he has been kidnapped and brought to the place for a dark purpose. The team maintains that fighting for its survival, and the main mission is to escape,” the team maintains. The experience will also be very realistic: we will be able to run out of air after running and shooting weapons will be a slow process. “You will need tactics to survive.”

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