PlayStation is open to buy more studios after the acquisition of Insomniac

PlayStation is open to buy more studios after the acquisition of Insomniac

Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to continue promoting the production and development of first party video games for the launch of PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is in luck. The end of the PlayStation 4 generation is settling with record numbers, becoming one of the most valued companies in the entertainment industry and one of the main references in the world of videogames. But you have to prepare for the future. And those responsible for Sony, who acquired the creators of Ratchet & Clank and Spider-Man past summer, is preparing to strengthen their first party catalog with new studios.

More studios and more games and more variety for gamers


During the communication of its financial results, Hiroki Totoki, senior vice president and head of operations at Sony, wanted to highlight the work of internal studies in the growth of the company and the PlayStation brand. According to him, the key to aspire to greater success in the videogames division is to continue increasing the number of proper names within PlayStation Worldwide Studios, an enclave that has 14 first party studios across the United States, Europe and Japan “Last May we mentioned to our investors and shareholders that Sony’s strength lies in our first party content and associated creative licenses,” he said.

“Therefore, with the aim of strengthening us, in August we announced the acquisition of Insomniac Games, developers of Marvel’s Spider-Man, a video game that sold 13.2 million units worldwide,” he said. “After this acquisition, Insomniac Games will become the fourteenth internal Sony Interactive Entertainment studio and will contribute to further improve our first party software development organization,” continued the Japanese executive. “But we must keep looking forward,” he reassured investors while stressing that they would not stop there: Sony will continue to invest in talent and prepare for the future and PlayStation 5.


“We will continue to look for growth investment opportunities that improve our own content”

Totoki said, “we will continue to look for growth investment opportunities that improve our own content and the intellectual properties of the company, moving forward”. In fact, the words of Totoki are in line with that of Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, who believed that the most important factor for a company that focuses on entertainment is none other than to enhance those elements that makes difference in the competition “Content is more important than ever,” Ryan reported to Nikkei media last July.
However, Sony is already designing its strategy with PlayStation 5 for the coming Christmas and years to come, with a machine that will be more powerful, faster and that will have technology compatible with ray tracing. Its most direct competition, Microsoft with its Xbox, has also made a series of similar investments in its own studios to guarantee the best games on their platform.

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