PS5: SSD will make the console “100 times faster” than PS4, according to Sony

In a meeting to discuss the company’s strategy, Sony says the PlayStation 5 will be “approximately 100 times faster” than its current console. Sony ensures that PlayStation 5 will be “approximately 100 times faster” than PlayStation 4. In a document belonging to a meeting on the Japanese manufacturer’s corporate plans, you can see different slides and comments m...[Read More]

Ghost of Tsushima introduces its protagonist, Jin Sakai (trailer)

The long-awaited Sucker Punch game will go on sale exclusively for PlayStation 4 on July 17. Sony had distributed a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, the long-awaited new game that Sucker Punch, the creators of Infamous, is developing exclusively for PlayStation 4 to turn us into a samurai in the year 1274 when the invading horde of Mongolia came to Japan to obliterate everything. Jin Sakai, the ...[Read More]

The Last of Us 2: Sony claims to have identified those responsible for the leak

Sony has assured that they do not have any type of relationship with them or with Naughty Dog, although they did not want to give more details. Last April 27, there was a significant leak of The Last of Us Part 2, the awaited video game of Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4. Due to this, a multitude of videos and details of the history of the game came to light, flooding the network with some pretty se...[Read More]

Developer says; PS5’s Haptic controller technology would aid immersion

Thomas Happ, the creator of Axiom Verge 2, wanted to put the magnifying glass on the possibilities offered by the next DualShock, highlighting a more realistic experience. PlayStation 5 is gearing up to offer gamers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite games freshly, during the next generation of consoles. Part of these efforts is reflected in a robust architecture, also linked to a DualShock ...[Read More]

PS5 will have an “expensive” cooling system according to Bloomberg

Sony does not want to repeat the error of PlayStation 4 and its noisy fans, which has led the company to invest more in this component of its next console. Sony’s new generation console, PS5, will have an “exceptionally expensive” cooling system to avoid a situation similar to that of PlayStation 4, as reported from Bloomberg. Both PS4 and PS4 Pro have a system to dissipate the h...[Read More]

PS5: Japanese analysts predict 6 million units sold by March 2021

The Sony console would be a success, and would have a quick adoption. The current low sales of PS4 systems and the desire to make the leap to the new generation would help their sale. Sony could be more successful than many believe with PlayStation 5, its new entertainment system. After the announcement of its financial results, and under the current poor sales of PlayStation 4 in some territories...[Read More]

PlayStation is open to buy more studios after the acquisition of Insomniac

Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to continue promoting the production and development of first party video games for the launch of PlayStation 5. Sony Interactive Entertainment is in luck. The end of the PlayStation 4 generation is settling with record numbers, becoming one of the most valued companies in the entertainment industry and one of the main references in the world of videogames. But...[Read More]

God of War director praises The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch

He highlights the great work done by the team, which seems even ‘black magic’ to make it happen. Cory Barlog, director of God of War, has praised the work done to bring The Witcher 3 to the Nintendo Switch console. The creative director, who has made the acclaimed latest installment of the Kratos series for PlayStation 4, has indicated that bringing the portable version of Witcher 3 to...[Read More]

MediEvil Remake teaches us how to use our weapons with its new trailer

Sir Daniel Fortesque returns from beyond with an arsenal of axes or crossbows;  in order to slay some  enemies,  players will have to attack them in certain ways. Medievil Remake prepares to debut on PlayStation 4 on October 25, marking the return of a game that fell in love in 1998. The players once again put themselves in the skin … or, rather, in the bones of the gentleman Sir Daniel Fort...[Read More]

What will be the price of PS5 according to its specifications and components?

PlayStation 5 will arrive at the end of 2020, but its final price is unknown. We know you will have SSD, ray-tracing, a remote with haptic technology, Blu-ray 4K … so, how much will you have to pay for all this? Sony has already announced that PlayStation 5 will be launching in late 2020 , and has revealed a multitude of new details, such as the new controller , which will include haptic fee...[Read More]

PlayStation VR on PS5: The first details are filtered, as it could be wireless

Sony unveiled numerous details yesterday about the new generation, played by PlayStation 5, the console that will arrive in Christmas of 2020, and that will present new features in the form of improved DualShock or large-capacity disks to avoid lengthy installations. But what will happen with PlayStation VR? Will there be a new version of the headset? According to the patents that emerged today, r...[Read More]

PS5 confirmed: 2020 Christmas release date and new details

Today Sony has officially confirmed the release date of PlayStation 5 and a multitude of details, such as a new DualShock with haptic response, modern interface and 100GB discs with a 4K Blu-ray reader. Sony officially confirms the release date of PS5, which will arrive in stores at Christmas 2020 and reveals a multitude of new details about the console, which also will not have any surprises in i...[Read More]

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