PS5 Slim vs. PlayStation 5: Unveiling the Differences in Sony’s New Console Iteration

Sony Introduces the PS5 Slim: Aesthetic Revamps, Additional Accessories, and Enhanced Features Sony is set to introduce a refreshed version of the PlayStation 5, colloquially referred to as the PS5 Slim, although officially, it’s dubbed “the new PS5 model.” Available in the United States from the end of November and later in other markets, this iteration brings a handful of chang...[Read More]

Sony Unveils “PlayStation Portal”: A Portable Console for PS5 Gamers

Sony has officially announced the “PlayStation Portal,” a unique portable console designed to enhance the PS5 gaming experience. Revealed on Sony’s official blog, this device aims to bring PS5 games to players on-the-go through cloud gaming and WiFi connectivity. Background and Naming Initially known by its code name “Project Q,” rumors had been circulating about Sony...[Read More]

Sony announces 11 new video games for PlayStation VR 2

Sony announced the release date of PlayStation VR 2, its virtual reality headset that will finally hit stores on February 22, 2023, for $749.99. After the announcement of the date of its arrival, the Japanese company has also published a post on its official blog to present 11 new titles that will be part of the virtual reality headset’s catalogue of games. Of these 11 titles you can see lis...[Read More]

PlayStation VR 2 will go on sale on February 22, 2023 for $549.99

Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset already has a release date and can be purchased from day one alone or in a pack with Horizon Call of the Mountain. Sony has just announced both the release date and the price of PlayStation VR2, its new generation virtual reality helmet that we can use together with PlayStation 5 to immerse ourselves in new experiences and games in VR, and also ...[Read More]

God of War added more than 65,000 simultaneous players on Steam on its launch day

Kratos’ acclaimed adventure debuted on Valve’s platform as the most successful game Sony has ever released for PC. The PC version of God of War was finally released last Friday in the main compatible digital stores with a very careful adaptation, as we told you in our review that it has left us more than satisfied both in terms of performance and configuration options. Kratos convinces...[Read More]

Sony announces official covers for PS5 and three new DualSense controllers

The covers will be available from January 2022 in five colours: black, pink, purple, light blue and red; the three controls are pink, light blue and purple. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the official different coloured covers for the PlayStation 5 after filing the patent in early November. The covers will be available from January 2022 in five colours ( black, red, pink, blue and pu...[Read More]

Mark Cerny talks about how the developers influenced the design of PS5

The principal architect of PlayStation 5 explains in a new video how the hardware components of Sony’s console were chosen and highlighted the role of designers in the choice. We all remember that technical presentation, focused on video game developers, that Mark Cerny made of the hardware that the PlayStation 5 would have in March 2020 when we had not yet seen the console. The technologica...[Read More]

Ghost of Tsushima has one of the best completion rates on PlayStation

Despite being a sprawling open-world game, Sucker Punch’s Japanese adventure has captivated players by making them want to stick around until the game is complete. It is such a captivating adventure that it has ensured that many of the players stay until the end. Ghost of Tsushima, a video game developed by Sucker Punch of which Sony is especially proud, boasts one of the best completion rat...[Read More]

PS2-inspired black PS5 sales canceled due to threats to creators

The SUP3R5 brand started the reservation campaign on January 8, but after some customers had errors with the purchase and after receiving threats, they have cancelled the sale. The SUP3R5 brand announced last week that on January 8, they would start taking pre-orders for the modified PlayStation 5 with a design inspired by PlayStation 2: black, with the classic brand logo on the bottom of the syst...[Read More]

Killzone Shadow Fall no longer allows to create clans due to the closure of the Killzone website

The official website of the sweiwa created by Guerrilla Games has closed, redirecting players to the official PlayStation website; the online game servers are still active. PlayStation has closed the official website for Killzone, the sci-fi shooters series created in 2004 by Guerrilla Games, also responsible for the series that began with Horizon: Zero Dawn. The portal redirects visitors to the o...[Read More]

First unboxing of the DualSense, the PS5 controller

Youtuber Austin Evans shows the PS5 controller for the first time in its original box. He also takes it out, tests it and opens it, also verifies that it is not compatible with PS4, but works with xCloud. The premiere of PS5 is just around the corner: some countries will arrive on November 12, and in Europe on November 19. However, its accessories will go on sale within a week in North America; Th...[Read More]

Horizon Zero Dawn comes to PC on August 7; first images, trailer and requirements

The Guerrilla Games game, previously exclusive to PS4 title, opens on the Steam and Epic Games Store early next month including the expansion. Horizon: Zero Dawn will arrive on PC in digital format on August 7 through Steam and the Epic Games Store at a price of $49.99. The Guerrilla Games’ open-world adventure will include in its computer version the expansion The Frozen Wilds. You will add...[Read More]

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