Sony Introduces the PS5 Slim: Aesthetic Revamps, Additional Accessories, and Enhanced Features

Sony is set to introduce a refreshed version of the PlayStation 5, colloquially referred to as the PS5 Slim, although officially, it’s dubbed “the new PS5 model.” Available in the United States from the end of November and later in other markets, this iteration brings a handful of changes and enhancements over the original model while maintaining the option for a disc player or a digital-only console.

Pricing: A Steady Hold

The PS5 Slim enters the European market without a shift in pricing from its predecessor. The model with a disc reader is priced at €549.99, while the Digital Edition holds at €449.99. In the United States, the digital model is priced at $449.99, and the standard model remains at $499.99, maintaining a consistent pricing strategy.

Memory and Storage: A Boost in Capacity

While the new PS5 Slim continues to utilize the rapid NVMe M2 SSD internal storage drive, it offers an increase in size for both models. The original PS5 came with 825 GB, whereas the new PS5 Slim boasts 1 TB, although the exact usable storage space remains undisclosed. Internal storage expansion capabilities remain consistent with the original PS5.

Size and Weight: A More Compact Design

The PS5 Slim presents a 30% smaller design than the original 2020 model. Additionally, it reduces its weight by 18% for the disc reader model (settling at 3.2 kilograms) and 24% for the Digital Edition (2.6 kg).

Removable Disk Drive and Additional Accessories

A notable design innovation in the PS5 Slim is the ability to add an Ultra HD Blu-ray disk drive to the Digital Edition, priced at 119.99 euros. Instead of two covers, the PS5 Slim models feature four separate cover panels, with the top ones sporting a glossy appearance and the bottom ones maintaining a matte finish. New colour covers will be available in early 2024, priced at 54.99 euros. While the original PS5 included a stand for both vertical and horizontal placement, the PS5 Slim consists of horizontal support, with new vertical support available separately for 29.99 euros, also compatible with the original PS5.

Technical Specifications: Consistency with a Twist

The technical specifications between the PS5 and PS5 Slim remain identical, with exceptions being the increase to 1 TB internal storage and a port modification. The new PS5 now features two front USB Type-C ports and two rear USB Type-A ports. The technical specifications otherwise mirror those of the original model, maintaining the high-performance capabilities that users have come to expect from the PlayStation 5.

For more information and to stay updated on the PS5 Slim, visit Sony’s official website or follow them on Twitter.

Press Contact: PlayStation Press Center

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