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Death Stranding has a Sam Porter figure of $ 3600

Death Stranding has a Sam Porter figure of $ 3600
Kojima Productions and Prime 1 Studio present a statue of the Death Stranding’s protagonist Sam Porters 1: 2 ratio figurine with great detail and LEDs that illuminate some components.

Death Stranding’s Sam Porter’s figure is reproduced with great detail, and it will cost 3600 dollars. Collaboration from Hideo Kojima and Prime 1 Studio, manufacturers of luxury figures, have presented a statue of the character that Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) brought to life with all the gadgets he carries in the PS4 title, including the BB baby.

“The statue is made with high-quality materials, created with precision and style,” they explain on their website. “The portrait, which shows actor Norman Reedus, is made using premium quality silicone to offer a resemblance and a realistic feeling. The equipment that Sam wears is also made using real-life materials; even the smallest details are made with caution and precision.”

The figure has eight different parts illuminated with LED lights, as we can see in the mechanical arm (which will be used in the game to detect the ghostly enemies), in the leg straps, in its backpack, in a bracelet and in the incubator pod where the baby lives. The design, in general, is full of small details.

Perhaps the most surprising, and almost disturbing, is the face, which realistically shows wrinkles, beard hairs, eyes, hair shine, skin pores and endless details that make it seem almost more realistic than in the cinematic scenes we’ve seen in Death Stranding.

That detail comes with certain complications. Silicone is a relatively weak material, so from Prime 1 Studio, they advise not to put the figure directly in sunlight, expose it to high temperatures or leave it in damp places: “Show the figure in well-ventilated places. Otherwise, the product could change colour, deform or deteriorate faster. ”

Two editions: one for $2800 and an expensive version with more faces.

The $3600 figure edition includes two additional Sam Porter heads, one made of silicone and one made of polystone (epoxy, resin and stone dust); It is limited to 500 units. The standard edition only includes a Norman Reedus face and will cost $2799.

The figure is approximately 106.4 centimetres high, 48.2 centimetres wide and 54.3 centimetres in diameter. It comes with a base designed specifically for this figure.

Death Stranding will arrive on PS4 on November 8. Our review will be published on November 1. At some point between the publication of the review and the release date, we will see one final trailer, according to Hideo Kojima. Let us know in the comments below are you Hyped4 Death Stranding? Will you be getting this figure?

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