As far as I can remember, I've been surrounded by technology. My father bought us a Commodore 64 so I started playing games as a baby, following my passion with Amiga 500, then PC and so on. I love game related collectibles, and when I'm not collecting I review games, watch movies and TV Shows or you may catch me keeping a low profile at Game Events.

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game will blur the line between different media

The creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid works on two video games, and at least one of them will mix different forms of entertainment or cultural products. Kojima Productions is working on two video games. The founder of the studio, Hideo Kojima, points out in a brief interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by Gematsu ) that with one of those titles they try to blur the...[Read More]

Production of the PlayStation VR for PS5 to begin soon, according to a rumor

The Chinese company Goertek will begin collaborating with a large Japanese company that expects to distribute between one and two million units of a next-generation ‘headset’ in 2022. Sony will soon begin production of the successor to PlayStation VR to launch the virtual reality headset in 2022, according to information shared by specialist in this technology Brad Lynch and released b...[Read More]

ILL is an upcoming first-person survival horror title powered by Unreal Engine 5

The Russian development team Team Clout has shown a trailer and several videos of their first-person horror game that will feature the Lumen and Nanite technologies of UE 5. One of the promises that Unreal Engine 5, the new version of Epic Games’ graphics engine, brings is the ease of small development teams creating technically surprising video games. Suppose ILL, Team Clout’s first-p...[Read More]

The biggest challenge in the development of Elden Ring: making its open world interesting

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creative director of the RPG, explains that the biggest challenge in creating the title was getting the Midlands to offer freedom while engaging. The biggest game design challenge FromSoftware has faced in creating Elden Ring is establishing an open world that balances offering exciting activities and offering a vast setting to roam freely. At least, that’s what Hideta...[Read More]

Sony announces official covers for PS5 and three new DualSense controllers

The covers will be available from January 2022 in five colours: black, pink, purple, light blue and red; the three controls are pink, light blue and purple. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the official different coloured covers for the PlayStation 5 after filing the patent in early November. The covers will be available from January 2022 in five colours ( black, red, pink, blue and pu...[Read More]

Splinter Cell: Ubisoft updates the brand in the face of a possible announcement

Ubisoft has updated Splinter Cell amid rumours about introducing a new title. It is said that it would be an open world and include elements of the Hitman series. The return of Splinter Cell? It seems that it would be getting closer and closer. The rumours have not stopped crowding, and already last October, rumours said that Ubisoft had given the green light to a new installment. Precisely today,...[Read More]

Hogwarts Legacy will be shown at a PlayStation event, according to rumors

While Hogwarts Legacy skipped its date at The Game Awards, it looks like the Wizarding World game is gearing up to be seen at an upcoming PlayStation event. The Game Awards 2021 put a magnifying glass on all kinds of announcements and trailers. Still, there were also great absentees at the gala: the Magical World of Hogwarts Legacy did not poke its ears out of the event, but it seems that it would...[Read More]

Among Us will have its own VR version in first person and 3D for PS4 and PC

Among Us, VR is Innersloth’s new project to bring its popular multiplayer to virtual reality. It will be released soon on PS VR, Meta Quest 2, and SteamVR. The independent studio Innersloth had its place in the gala of The Game Awards 2021 to present its new project: Among Us VR. As you can imagine from the name, it is an official version of the successful multiplayer virtual reality origina...[Read More]

Dying Light 2 is already gold and is ready for its premiere on February 4, 2022

Techland announces in a Twitter statement that Dying Light 2, the sequel to its popular zombie and parkour game, has concluded its leading development, and they recall that it will debut next year. The development of Dying Light 2 has suffered certain complications that have ended up leading to several delays. However, we can finally breathe easily since Techland has communicated through its Twitt...[Read More]

Bethesda Shares New Starfield Dev Diary With Todd Howard

Todd Howard, Matt Carafano and Angela Browder talk about what the essence of Bethesda games is for them, highlighting that Starfield has a realistic approach and a lively world rich in detail. Starfield, the open world and space exploration title that promises to be one of Bethesda Softworks’ most ambitious, is featured in a new development diary accompanied by Todd Howard himself as well as...[Read More]

This is the fan project that wants to recreate the original Mortal Kombat at 4K and 60 fps

Eyeballistic, a studio made up of Mortal Kombat fans, will take its remake project of the first three games of the franchise out of the fridge to propose it again to Warner Bros. Games. Mortal Kombat fans knows well the draft Eyeballistic, a group fan who wants to recreate the original game’s franchise of fighting with next-generation graphics in high definition while keeping the rest intact...[Read More]

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is now registered with ESRB

New indications suggest that the announcement of the release date of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves on PS5 and PC would be imminent; Will it be released in February alongside the Uncharted movie? Since Sony and Naughty Dog announced Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in September, we know that this remastered collection of the last two installments of the Uncharted saga will arrive on PC and PS...[Read More]

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