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More than 11 million people have played Bloodborne

630,000 have won the Platinum trophy.

More than 11 million people have played Bloodborne

Bloodborne, exclusively from From Software for PlayStation 4, has been played by 11 million people, according to data released by Sony.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of PS4 in Europe, the European division of the company has published a video that reviews some data on the use of the console and we know that 630,000 players have won the Platinum trophy by fully completing Bloodborne.

It also indicates that around 5.6% of the total players have achieved it, which implies that at least 11.2 million people have played with the title.

This does not translate into sales, as the title in physical format can be borrowed and was also incorporated into the PlayStation Plus catalogue as a reward for subscribers. It is also part of the PlayStation Now catalogue, the game streaming service.

The game was launched in March 2015 and received good feedback from gamers and critics. These data show that he has managed to capture the attention of many players during these years.

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