Youtuber Austin Evans shows the PS5 controller for the first time in its original box. He also takes it out, tests it and opens it, also verifies that it is not compatible with PS4, but works with xCloud.

The premiere of PS5 is just around the corner: some countries will arrive on November 12, and in Europe on November 19. However, its accessories will go on sale within a week in North America; That is why some specialized channels have already been able to access them and, as in this case, publish the first unboxing of the DualSense.

Austin Evans, YouTuber has published today a video in which he takes the DualSense, the PS5 controller, out of the box. It is the first unboxing of said peripheral, although we have already seen it in real life before, both outside and inside. The interesting thing about this video is that it not only shows how it is removed from the packaging but also performs several tests with it on different devices: PS4, PC and Android.

The DualSense does not work with PS4, but it does with Xbox Game Pass

And is that although Evans has the DualSense, still does not have PS5; for that reason, the YouTuber can only make some impressions of the controller itself, it’s design and what it is like to play with it on other systems. In fact, the first thing it does is test if it works on PS4, although unfortunately, it does not succeed: it seems that the current generation console recognizes the device and its microphone, but does not allow it to be used as a controller.

Curiously, it does work with other systems such as PC or Android, so the YouTuber tries DualSense for the first time with xCloud, the Xbox cloud game service included in the Ultimate version of Game Pass. The PS5 controller does work with this service, although it obviously does not bring out its technical novelties, that is, neither the haptic response nor the adaptive triggers.

At the end of the video, we also see how those responsible for the channel open the DualSense to see its interior, something that as we said before we have already seen in photos, but never as a video process. Of course, breaking it on the way.

PS5 will arrive on November 12 at a price of $499 for its standard version and $399 for the Digital Edition, a console with the same characteristics but without a blu-ray reader, so it is limited to digital games.


Source: YouTube
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