The SUP3R5 brand started the reservation campaign on January 8, but after some customers had errors with the purchase and after receiving threats, they have cancelled the sale.

The SUP3R5 brand announced last week that on January 8, they would start taking pre-orders for the modified PlayStation 5 with a design inspired by PlayStation 2: black, with the classic brand logo on the bottom of the system and with the DualSense buttons coloured and with the same grayish tone as the DualShock 2. However, the reservation process was dire, with customers having payment problems; To which we must add that the creators received threats after the consoles were sold out in just 20 minutes, the report from VGC. The brand has deleted its Twitter account, promised to return the money to those who were able to carry out the transaction, and has stopped the sale of the product.

Reservations began last Friday at 9:00 p.m. PST for North American customers. Just 20 minutes later, the machines, priced at $ 649 (200 more than the recommended retail price), had sold out. On SUP3R5’s Twitter account, they published a statement apologizing for the errors in the process and saying they were “ashamed.” Some customers were charged for the product, but they did not receive any receipt to reserved the console.

In a subsequent message, SUP3R5 reported that it would return the money to those who were charged without reserving the console and that it would cancel the reservations of those who began reselling them for thousands of dollars on eBay and other second-hand portals. At the same time, they promised that the international reserve campaign, postponed until the end of January, would be better planned.

Black PS5 Sale Canceled Over “Credible Threats” to Worker Safety

However, hours later, they announced on Twitter that they would cancel all reservations and return the money because company workers received “credible threats to their safety” “We take these threats seriously,” they said in a tweet that, like the company’s account on the social network, it had been deleted. “We are not willing to risk the safety and well-being of our team or the potential impact this could have on the delivery of your order.” Therefore, they decided that all reservations would be cancelled “and fully refunded in the next few days.”

“We tried to make this a fun way to celebrate shared nostalgia” they concluded in their message on the social network. “As has been shown, there are people who are willing to interfere with it. If we conclude that it is safe to try again, we will. For now, please take care.”


Source: VGC
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