The game was removed in 2017 from the Xbox digital store due to licensing issues with the game’s soundtrack. Now, it is available to buy for $19.99.

Are you ready for the most paranormal adventure? Remedy Entertainment’s classic game, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, has returned to the Xbox digital store. After having been withdrawn in 2017 due to problems with the soundtrack license, the title is again available on the Xbox Marketplace for a price of $19.99. Alan Wake returns to us. And his evil twin, too.

Alan Wake’s return to Xbox

As you can see on the Xbox Marketplace page, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is available for purchase on Xbox 360, the platform on which it originally debuted, for a price of 19.99 euros. It should be noted that Alan Wake is part of the Xbox One backward compatibility program, so the Xbox 360 version can also be enjoyed on Xbox One consoles.

In Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, which was published in 2012 on both the Xbox 360 and PC, players have to accompany the famous writer on a new and fearsome adventure. Alan Wake takes place in an alternate reality where an “evil version of ourselves” is trying to kill our wife, Alice. With light as our best weapon, we will have to face all kinds of adversaries; In addition, the game has an arcade mode in which we have to face waves of enemies until dawn.

Will Alan Wake return in the future?

Alan Wake’s return to the Xbox Marketplace makes the question inevitable: Will a new Alan Wake be announced in the future? The point is that Remedy Entertainment seems to have left clues in Control, his most recent game. This title, which also has elements of science fiction and paranormal, establishes connections with the Alan Wake series. In fact, there was even information that pointed out that Alan Wake could be the protagonist of one of the next Control DLC. Last summer, from Remedy they talked openly about their desire to continue the series“It has to be done well if it is done”, expressed Sam Lake, creative director of the study.

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