Badge-tastic Gameplay:
“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” isn’t just about jumping on Goombas anymore. The Nintendo Switch game introduces a fresh ‘badge’ system, allowing players to add a nifty extra move to their characters. As you hop, skip, and jump through the game, you’ll encounter special levels known as badge challenge phases. Complete these, and you earn your shiny new badges.

Choose Wisely:
But remember, fashionistas, you can only flaunt one badge at a time. Will it be a movement-based badge or a power-up badge? The latter might get you some coins or even start you off with a Super Mushroom. And if you’re feeling indecisive, the game’s got your back with badge recommendations for each level.

Modern Mario for the Modern Gamer:
Why the new badge system, you ask? Well, it’s all about catering to the modern player. Gone are the days when only Peach could glide or Luigi could jump just that bit higher. Now, with the badge system, you can give Mario a taste of those powers. Plus, with secrets sprinkled throughout the levels tied to each badge’s abilities, replaying has never been this fun!

Wonder Flowers – More Than Just a Pretty Petal:
But wait, there’s more! Introducing the Wonder Flowers. These aren’t your grandma’s daisies. Pick one up, and watch as the level (and even Mario and friends) transform before your eyes. Players can choose their own adventure – to pick or not to pick the Wonder Flower. Each choice offers a unique path through the level.

Locked Doors and Wonder Seeds:
A word of caution to the adventurous souls: some areas in the gameplay hard to get. They’re locked and can only be wooed open by obtaining a certain number of Wonder Seeds. So, get experimenting with those Wonder Flowers!

Coming Soon to a Switch Near You:
Eager to dive into this badge-filled world? Mark your calendars for October 20 when “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” graces the Nintendo Switch. For a sneak peek, check out the first impressions on Hyped4.

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