Emma ‘Sundance’ Rosier is the first non-binary character in Battlefield history and will be part of the stunt team for the next installment. Battlefield 2042 arrives on November 19.

Battlefield 2042 just made history within its history. The next installment of the multiplayer shooter will be available everywhere around the world on November 19 on PC and consoles, which will allow us to meet its first non-binary character: Emma “Sundance” Rosier, who will be part of the team of specialists of the game. We have known the news thanks to the Twitter user @ Gabytron5000 pointed out that DICE referred to the character using the pronouns they/them in English.


Battlefield 2042 includes the first non-binary character in its series.

The Sundance biography in the presentation offered by DICE uses the pronouns they/them in English, which are associated with those who do not match binary gender norms or do not identify as male or female. Gabytron5000 player asked DICE if Sundance identified as a non-binary person and received confirmation from EA Community Director Adam Freeman: “Yes, Sundance is a non-binary person

As for Sundance, he is a playable character who is part of the ten specialists we can choose from in the game. His equipment includes a wingsuit, with which we can slide through the extensive stages to get closer to our objectives, and it has a smart explosive that, once we throw it, launches against enemy vehicles. Sundance was not available in the beta version that we have enjoyed recently, so it will arrive in the final version with the company of those characteristics that were also absent.

As PC Gamer points out, the fact that Battlefield 2042 lacks a campaign means that Sundance’s gender identity doesn’t impact the game. Few people are likely to know this character detail unless they read these articles or seek information about it.

Recently we have been able to know the Hazard Zone Mode, the most challenging mode in the game. We remind you that the title will be available on November 19 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. You can learn more about the title once we receive our review copy.


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