Todd Howard, Matt Carafano and Angela Browder talk about what the essence of Bethesda games is for them, highlighting that Starfield has a realistic approach and a lively world rich in detail.

Starfield, the open world and space exploration title that promises to be one of Bethesda Softworks’ most ambitious, is featured in a new development diary accompanied by Todd Howard himself as well as other top creatives linked to the project such as Matt Carafano, director of art, or Angela Browder, studio director. The three personalities share their point of view on their vision about the experiences that video games can bring to players and their wishes regarding Starfield, which should arrive in November 2022 exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC if it does not suffer any unexpected delay.

Todd Howard introduces the short documentary piece, which has been dubbed Towards the Starfield: The Infinite Search, highlighting that video games are a unique form of entertainment and provide players with incredible sensations. Angela Browder, for her part, highlights the importance of maintaining the characteristic essence of Bethesda games. At the same time, new generations of developers bring new points of view to evolve the formula and take it further. Carafano emphasizes that from Bethesda, they try to offer universes full of possibilities to the players to take them and make them their own; They want each player to have different experiences from the rest.

A vast world to explore with a realistic approach

The team also comments that Starfield could be defined as “the largest of explorations” compared to the rest of the company’s games. Although Howard has insisted in the past that Starfield would turn out to be a Skyrim in space, Carafano notes that it will have a much more scientific and realistic touch as opposed to the epic fantasy of The Elder Scrolls game. The development diary is accompanied by some exciting concept arts that give us a more in-depth look at the game’s setting. The three creatives conclude that the wealth of the world of Starfield and that it feels alive are aspects that they take into account during development.


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