Microsoft’s multiplayer action game for PC and Xbox One had a team of 25 professionals in charge.

When Bleeding Edge was announced, one of the games prepared by Ninja Theory, many were surprised by the style or multiplayer format of their proposal. The developer, Microsoft’s first-party, soon explained that they had been working on that concept for years, highlighting its originality. Now, in statements to GamesIndustryRahni Tucker, creative director of the project, confirms that only about twenty developers have been involved in this risky title that arrives on March 24 on Xbox One and PC.

Only a portion of Ninja Theory has worked on the project

“When I first thought about the idea, I thought: ‘Why isn’t there such a game?’ I think we should do it, “ Tucker explained to the media, as mentioned earlier. “We gathered a small team, we began to prototype some of the ideas, and we dedicated ourselves to experimenting to see if the concept really worked. And as it was, we made the game,” says the director in the interview. However, Bleeding Edge is a very original brawler, focused on player versus player by teams, and where users must collaborate with other members of the set in question to defeat opponents or conquer certain parts of the stage.

The levels will have their own personality and will be plagued with dangers, traps and challenges of all kinds, something that we will have to deal with heroes who will make use of special abilities, characteristics and powers. Tucker states that, although there is an excellent workforce in Ninja Theory, Bleeding Edge was a relatively small project. In fact, only a quarter of the assets have collaborated in its design or programming. During most of the development, they barely had fifteen or twenty people, always depending on the workload. “The average of the team has been around fifteen people. About twenty-five at some point,” he says.

“The average of the team has been around fifteen people.  Maximum number was twenty-five at some point”

The video game will be released in physical format, and we will post our coverage after the launch.


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