Gearbox continues to share more detailed the plans for the upcoming Borderlands 3, developers have finally admitted there will have microtransactions, although they claim that it will be limited to cosmetic elements. Also, the company said there will be downloadable content and have now given some additional details about it.

Gearbox will offer four packs of additional content that, they say, are “story-centric”. This is what Matt Cox, game designer, has said. We remind you that the main story of the game expected to be around 30 hours long.

Cox has not gone into additional details about what these additional content are focused on the story, so they could be as a prologue, epilogue or also present alternative points of view, for example playing certain timelines as another character.

At least players already know that there will be four packs of additional DLC content and the microtransactions for cosmetics. The company says by introducing microtransactions they remove the loot boxes.

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