ATLUS, which a few weeks ago showed editions and covers for Catherine: Full Body, has decided to offer a small preview of the limited edition soundtrack included in the Dynamite Full Body Box edition of the video game in Japan. It is a set of 4 CDs that compiles arrangements and versions of the title music.

Four CDs that collect the different cuts, arrangements and versions

The preview, distributed in video format via YouTube, allows us to listen to a sample of each CD. The compilation, which includes the music of the video game in 4 CDs, presents the following titles: Disc 01: Catherine Original Soundtrack, Disc 02: Catherine Classic Arrange Soundtrack, Disc 03: Catherine: Full Body Original Soundtrack, Disc 04: Voice Actor Roundtable & audio Commentary.

Catherine: Full Body for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is a development of Studio Zero in collaboration with ATLUS. There will be a third Catherine, and her name on this occasion will be Rin. She is a pianist at the bar that Vincent frequents. His personality is very honest and gentle. The character of Rin will serve to introduce a new perspective on the whole story of the original game, different and complementary to the two original Catherine.

This version of the game will have new endings, more episodes, animated sequences and sexy events, but details of any of these features have not yet been given. It also confirms that there will be additional difficulties, but also help systems. Therefore, the experience can be both easier and more difficult, as the player wishes. On the playable terrain, there will be online battles and support for cross games between the two Sony consoles.

It will reach PS4 and PS Vita on February 14 in Japan, has confirmed its launch in the West but has not yet an official date.

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