Release Announcement:
The battlefield is expanding to Nintendo Switch with the arrival of the Company of Heroes Collection on October 12. In collaboration with Feral Interactive, Sega Europe Limited and Relic Entertainment have announced the release of this comprehensive edition that includes the base game and its two significant expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor.

Single-Player Now, Multiplayer Later:
At launch, players can dive into the single-player version, with the multiplayer mode set to follow in a free update. This phased release ensures that players can start strategizing on the go, with more features to come.

Customized for Switch:
The game has been tailored for the Switch, featuring a user interface and controls designed to provide a seamless gaming experience on the console. With 41 squad-based missions, players will engage in intense tactical combat where every moment counts. The Skirmish mode adds a layer of replayability, offering a variety of factions, game modes, and maps for players to explore and conquer.

Epic World War II Campaigns:
Company of Heroes Collection brings the gritty reality of World War II to the Switch, with campaigns centred around the Allied liberation of France. From the storming of Normandy beaches on D-Day to the fierce battles, players will command Allied and Axis forces in a narrative-driven gameplay experience.

A Milestone in Real-Time Strategy:
Marking its console debut, the Company of Heroes Collection continues to redefine the real-time strategy genre. The game, praised for its accessible yet deep gameplay and stellar technical presentation, remains a benchmark in the RTS landscape.

Our Verdict on the Original:
Relic is at the pinnacle of real-time strategy gaming with Company of Heroes. The game’s accessible gameplay and its visually and sonically impressive technical aspects make it a must-have for RTS fans and a great entry point for newcomers to the genre.

The Company of Heroes Collection is set to provide a rich, strategy-filled gaming experience for Nintendo Switch users. With its historical backdrop, meticulously crafted gameplay, and the promise of multiplayer action, this Collection is gearing up to capture the hearts of strategy game lovers and history buffs alike.


Source: Gaming Bolt
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