This comparison between Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 7 focuses on the graphic differences (lighting, models, weather…) between these two great driving games.

With the upcoming arrival of Forza Motorsport, which opens on October 10 on Xbox Series X/S and PC, the Spanish YouTuber El Analista de Bits wanted to compare the graphics of this new driving game with those of another great title of the genre: Gran Turismo 7. Can you tell the difference between the new Xbox game and the latest installment in the PS5 and PS4 saga?

Below these lines, you can see the complete comparison: both games are put face to face. However, it should be noted that the footage of Forza Motorsport is taken from a video of its gameplay, while that of Gran Turismo 7 comes directly from a screenshot. It is useful to check the differences between aspects such as lighting, car models, weather conditions…

Forza Motorsport, a new installment for driving fans

Forza Motorsport will go on sale on October 10 only on Xbox Series X/S and PC, which will also be available through Xbox Game Pass. It will arrive with over 500 real-world cars, including modern race cars and over 100 new models from Forza Motorsport, as well as 20 realistic environments featuring fan-rated locations and multiple track layouts to master. It will have a renewed career mode that has been seen this week, although it will have a requirement that fans have not liked: like Gran Turismo 7, it will be necessary to be permanently connected to the Internet.

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