The official Twitter account of the saga has written a cryptic message after years of inactivity and without showing signs of life.

Crysis is a saga that has had a very interesting journey in the industry and good proof of this we had with the launch of its original installment, a real technical monstrosity that put computers of its time, back in 2007, to work like never before. To show us one of the most surprising graphic sections that we could imagine, thus marking a level that took many years to overcome. Best of all, we are not only talking about a brilliant game visually but also playable, with fast-paced development and many possibilities.

As expected, its success was immediate, and years later, it would receive two sequels that would end its history, and that would make the multiplatform saga, which also translated into a later conversion of the first game to the consoles of the past generation. Since its third part was released, the series has slept, and Electronic Arts have never shown signs of wanting to resume it, although that could change in the near future.

Remastered Collection or a new game?

This is because the official account of the saga had been inactive since December 13, 2016, but now it has returned to give signs of life with a cryptic message that says “receiving data,” which could imply that the saga is preparing his return in style. However, we do not know how it could be, since it could be an expected fourth installment, a remake, a remastering or even a restart of the series that would take us to a new point of heading to give you fresh air and redesign your formula. For now, we will have to settle for waiting to see what Crytek is up to and if it is really a preview of his resurrection.
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