Hyped4 | It's all about the hype... Dead by Daylight will add The Archives, more content for players - Hyped4

It will offer more game options for gamers with more mystery, terror and content.

Dead by Daylight will add a new playable feature called: The Archives.

Dead by Daylight will offer brand new game options for players with more mystery and terror. Dead by Daylight will add a new playable feature called The Archives. This new mode will allow players to discover the secrets of the Entity and the Archivist through a new Volume. It will offer users more playable content, new stories to discover and more aesthetic items.

Rift Pass will be coming soon to PC and consoles, although we still don’t have a specific date for its launch.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer game in which several characters try to survive a   serial killer, which is controlled by another much more powerful player.

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