It was exclusive to Gamescom 2019, but a recording shows several minutes of new sequences explaining Sam’s mission. (Video has been removed off YouTube due to a copyright claim files by Sony)

In Gamescom 2019, an exclusive Death Stranding video was shown for the attendees of the fair that detailed the story, and more specifically the mission of Sam Porter Bridges, the protagonist played by Norman Reedus. Kojima Productions has not made this sequence official but as expected, it has been filtered with a recording of not very good quality.

This trailer features several minutes of new sequences with Amelie and Die Hardman, who inform Sam about a trip to the west to reconnect the Chiral Network terminals scattered throughout the United Cities of America. In doing so, the terminals will be integrated into the Chiral network, which will reconnect the people of the nation. Sam, however, rejects this mission, promising not to get involved with Amelie and Hardman, “or anyone else, ever again.”

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 on November 8

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