The title will use important visual improvements over the original and will allow you to choose between prioritizing fidelity or performance

The return of Demons’ Souls with the remake for PlayStation 5 that Bluepoint Games is preparing for Sony will make use of the ray-tracing capabilities for lighting, known as ray tracing.

The game is being produced in direct collaboration with Japan Studio, Sony’s central video game division, which owns the rights to the title that From Software originally created.

As the company explained, “In addition to beautiful shading and ray-tracing effects, players can choose between two graphical modes to play: one focused on fidelity and the other on frame rate per second.”

At the moment we do not have more details about these modes, so we do not know what image rate can be achieved in each of them, but it is good news for players that they can choose what they prefer: prioritize more smoothness in the image on the screen giving more importance to the frame rate, or prioritizing the level of detail and visual effects, something that already happened in Shadow of the Colossus, the previous Bluepoint game.

The return of the classic PlayStation 3 was one of the highlights of the presentation of the upcoming PlayStation 5, as it is one of the most appreciated titles on this console.


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