Thomas Happ, the creator of Axiom Verge 2, wanted to put the magnifying glass on the possibilities offered by the next DualShock, highlighting a more realistic experience.

PlayStation 5 is gearing up to offer gamers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite games freshly, during the next generation of consoles. Part of these efforts is reflected in a robust architecture, also linked to a DualShock that will rise to the occasion with a new design and technology. The developers continue to value the possibilities of this new proposal and have highlighted the immersive capacity that the haptic feedback of the next command will offer. Thomas Happ, the developer of Axiom Verge 2, has been in charge of offering his opinion.

DualShock 5, a new way to play

“I think it could be good to increase immersion,” said Thomas Happ in an interview with GamingBolt. In this sense, he highlights the advantages and cons of this haptic technology: “It could be fascinating to play racing video games without a steering wheel. However, it could also be frustrating if you are used to having precise and consistent controls, and now you find yourself with which these controls change depending on what type of surface a character steps on. “

This is precisely what haptic feedback consists of: abandoning the traditional vibration of the controller, this technology allows players, through contact with the controller, to feel the environment in which a character is moving. To further illustrate this attractive proposal: through our hands, we will notice a variety of textures that depend on whether our protagonists are running through a field of grass or through the mud. Of course, these circumstances could affect the handling of the character, as Happ has referred.

Happ also wanted to take a moment to talk about Microsoft’s new console, Xbox Series X, which will offer a 12-teraflops GPU. It indicates that this feature will not make a big difference; beyond that, the games will have better lighting thanks to ray-tracing. “It just comes to mean more detailed games and better lighting thanks to ray-tracing,” he said. “Of course, the frame rates will be around 30 fps because developers will want to exploit the hardware to its limits fully.”

About DualShock 5: its features

With haptic technology, players can feel sand, ice, or even the force and resistance of water under their hands. The R2 and L2 triggers will have resistance, depending on the circumstances of the game, while the speaker will be more powerful and give off a clearer sound. At the end of last year, Sony revealed detailed information about this new controller.


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