Digested: A New Horror Game Inspired by Viral Snake Stories

“Digested” is the latest addition to the horror game genre, drawing inspiration from those viral news stories and TikTok videos that have both fascinated and terrified us. This PC game offers a unique and overwhelming experience where players must escape from a giant snake, blending elements of realism with a gameplay style reminiscent of “Among Us.”

The Premise: A Python’s Deadly Embrace

The game taps into a classic fear: the pet python that turns on its owner. In “Digested,” players find themselves in scenarios that mirror the three typical outcomes of owning a python: either dealing with the aftermath of an escape, facing the horror of being devoured, or realizing the chilling truth that the snake is sizing them up as its next meal.

Gameplay: Survival Horror with a Twist

“Digested” sets itself apart with a map featuring procedural elements, ensuring that each playthrough offers a different experience. Players must navigate this ever-changing environment, constantly on the run from the giant snake. The objective is clear yet daunting: avoid being devoured and find a way to the extraction point.

A Glimpse into the Game

A preview video showcases the survival horror elements of “Digested,” giving players a taste of the tension and fear they can expect. The game is set to release on Steam in the first quarter of this year, promising to deliver a unique blend of horror, strategy, and unpredictability.

Anticipation Builds for Digested’s Release

As the release date approaches, “Digested” is poised to make a significant impact in the horror gaming community. Its unique premise, coupled with procedural gameplay, is set to offer a fresh and thrilling experience for horror game enthusiasts.

Stay Updated

For the latest news, trailers, and updates on “Digested,” keep an eye on the game’s Steam page and follow the developers on social media for the most recent announcements.

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