The revised version of the Microsoft Elite remote will arrive in November and they show it to us in video with great detail.

Microsoft presents the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 on video, the revised version of its Elite controller. In the video, we see several members of the company commenting on different aspects of the controller. Next to them, we have a professional Halo player and also a streamer.

The controller will arrive with its carrying case, six analog levers for its configuration to suit the user, four levers, two different digital crossheads, a USB-C connection and a charging station.

In this way, it incorporates four slots for interchangeable levers that you can connect or remove without any tools. The levers give you more control on your fingers, so you no longer have to remove your fingers from the analog sticks to perform intricate combinations of jumping, aiming and shooting.

If you activate the high sensitivity trigger lock, you can shoot faster and save your valuable time on each trigger touch. High sensitivity trigger lock stops trigger travel after shooting so you are ready for the next one. It will be enough to re-activate the lock so that you can reuse the entire trigger stroke, or you can use the application to adjust the settings more precisely.

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