“They are doing really amazing things with that hardware, so I think it is logical that we are heading towards that,” says director Marty Stratton.

DOOM Eternal has suffered a slight delay therefore it will not arrive until March 20. Id Software is also working on the possibility of the game being published for the next generation of consoles. In fact, when this asked to the title director, Marty Stratton, he answered that this would be the “logical” course of things. However, there is still nothing on the table.

DOOM Eternal on the next generation?

During a recent interview with Metro, the director of DOOM EternalMarty Stratton, he said that id Software team is currently focused on the imminent release of the game on existing platforms; however, also it claims to think about the possibilities of the next generation of consoles “them excited”. In this sense, Stratton said that bringing DOOM Eternal to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and making sure that the title takes advantage of the potential of this hardware, would be something “logical

” We haven’t talked about that yet, but one of the most exciting things is that we are at the end of this console cycle, where our team knows this technology very, very well,” Stratton said. “That has allowed us to boost and maximize this hardware. I am very excited about what it means for the next hardware .”

Eternal DOOM on PS5 and Xbox Series X would be logical for Software id

“We have not announced anything, but it is really exciting. They are doing really amazing things with that hardware, so I think it is logical that we turn to that and, honestly, try to be one of the best games on that platform too, ” Stratton concluded, thinking about applying the characteristics of the next generation to DOOM Eternal.

The new DOOM

We will have to wait until March 20 to enjoy this new proposal for the action, so characteristic of the Doom series. It aims to be available on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One, but also on Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Marty Stratton has had no qualms about affirming that DOOM Eternal will be “the best game” that id Software has made to date. The campaign, on the other hand, will last 20 hours, being longer than the 2016 Doom.


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