Media Molecule’s game and editor expands its possibilities with the option of creating virtual reality experiences with PS VR.

Dreams of Media Molecule will add on July 22 one of the promised functions that will give more possibilities to the creators, the compatibility with PS VR. The update will include new tutorials, tips, and build kits to get you started developing PS VR content. We show you his video of the announcement, with some examples of virtual reality games.

“In the conformation of dreams, you will find new practical tutorials, where our friendly molecules will show you all the ins and outs of creation in PS VR. The best place to start will be the section on good practices, before moving on to the tutorials that explain some of the new gadgets we’ve introduced with the VR update, “says the studio on the occasion of the DreamsCom Showcase.

“In VR Creation mode, sculpting is unique, allowing you to bring dreams to life around you. If you have PlayStation Move controls, you’ll see that sculpting in VR is a very organic experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the creation process. Of course, virtual reality is not a must to create for PS VR and users without these peripherals will also benefit from the update. We are introducing a handful of new gadgets in the creation mode and tons of options of accessibility, including Comfort mode, vignette strength, static sky, and many more to make the play and create the experience as cool as possible. “

Experiences to inspire dreamers

Media Molecule will offer several ” ready-to-play ” experiences and inspire dreamers to make their own versions. From games like Cube Destruction, which tests your marksmanship, to our Inside the Cube gallery, which includes sculptures and images of different Team members, including an ultra-fabulous giant robot. Games like Cube Destruction will also have their respective creation kits. ” Dreams is for sale on PS4.


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