Eddy Gordo’s Hairstyle Redesign Divides Tekken Fans

Eddy Gordo, the iconic capoeira fighter from the Tekken series, is set to return in “Tekken 8” with a notable change that has stirred debate among the fan community. Namco Bandai’s recent reveal of Eddy as part of the Playable Character Year 1 Pass (the first DLC for “Tekken 8”) included a surprising update to his hairstyle, replacing his traditional dreadlocks tied back in a ponytail with a new, shorter, and side-combed look, complemented by a shaved half-head.

Community Reactions: From Criticism to Acceptance

This redesign has received mixed reactions. Some fans criticize the new hairstyle as unoriginal and express concerns over potential racial connotations. They point out similarities with other fictional characters of color, such as Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger in Marvel’s ‘Black Panther,’ Miles Morales in “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” and Prince Sargon in “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.” These comparisons have led to a perception of Eddy’s new look as a generic trend in character design.

Conversely, other fans have embraced the change, viewing it as a fresh take on a beloved character. There’s also a practical perspective among players who anticipate that Eddy will receive various skins over time, offering more diverse and original appearances.

Tekken 8: A Promising Entry for Fans

Despite the debate over Eddy’s new look, “Tekken 8” is highly anticipated and expected to be a hit with its fanbase. The game promises to cater to a wide range of players, from those dedicating hours to online play to casual gamers enjoying solo experiences or friendly matches. “Tekken 8” is poised to demonstrate the enduring appeal and evolution of the fighting game genre.

Release and Expectations

“Tekken 8” is scheduled for release on January 26 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Developed by Bandai Namco, the game will feature a roster of up to 32 fighters at launch, with individual gameplay previews already generating excitement among fans.

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