The YouTube channel The Warp Zone has published a video where the voices of the characters are replaced by real-life people screaming, and it’s hilarious.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become a true phenomenon all over the world since it debuted at the beginning of August both on PC through Steam and on PS4, where it was even part of the games of PS Plus. Since then, players have imagined multiple possibilities for the title: from scenarios for Rocket League to skins for a hypothetical collaboration with Fortnite. However, the YouTube channel The Warp Zone has gone a step further: it has replaced the screams of the characters with human voices., and the result is.

The Hilarious Fall Guys

” Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the battle royale platformer that is everyone’s favourite current obsession, has a cute and cuddly outward appearance,” reads the description of The Warp Zone video. “There are colourful characters and obstacles, upbeat music, and fun sound effects. But what if those cheesy sounds were eliminated and you could hear the real sounds of the carnage that is Fall Guys in this high-stakes race for the crown?”

And that is precisely what it has done: the funny and endearing sounds of Fall Guys have been exchanged for wailing, groaning, screaming and screaming of human beings. In the video you can see the Fall Guys players trying to pass the tests, but with the characters grunting and screaming like us. The truth is that the contrast is, to say the least, absurd: especially considering the soft and colourful world in which this game take place.

Fall Guys: Preparing for the Arrival of Season 2

Mediatonic is preparing to offer players new content for the second season of Fall Guys. The presentation of this season 2 took place at the last Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2020 event, where we could see that dragons, knights, medieval fortresses, wizards and witches are coming. “A new season filled with new costumes emotes and more rewards for players as they haunt the Middle Ages,” the development studio said.


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