Using the same gameplay mechanics as the multiplayer title Innersloth, a user has made a world of VRChat that is a three-dimensional adaptation of the popular game.

Among Us has become one of the games of the moment, partly thanks to its visual and playable simplicity, and partly because of the tense, absurd and funny moments generated by its emerging gameplay, something always striking both when it comes to controllers like watching someone play, which is why it’s among the most popular titles on Twitch. Therefore, it is not surprising that versions and adaptations are beginning to appear, such as this one that recreates the game completely in 3D with the possibility of playing in virtual reality.

VRChat is a game/tool that allows you to create worlds and games of all kinds that can be enjoyed by the rest of the community, whether they have an Oculus or Steam-compatible virtual reality headset, or through a traditional monitor. The user “Jar” ​​has recreated the classic Among Us level there, but a place of two- dimensional sprites, totally in 3D.

Can be played for free from VRChat

The video that the developer has posted on YouTube shows a recreation almost identical to the original. Players will have to connect cables, clean the leaf oxygen filters, shoot asteroids and spend a good handful of seconds trying to get the security card to work. Of course, there will also be murders and accusations, which are carried out in person while on a 3D screen you vote who you want to kick out.

It is also interesting how hiding in the vents (now located on the ceiling) is perceived differently in 3D, as it generates more tension to see your possible victims under your feet; On the contrary, you have to be on the lookout for someone who may appear from above to kill you from behind.

The world of VRChat is available for free, as we said, both for owners of a virtual reality headset and for those who only have a PC. You can download it here.


Source: Polygon
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