The Season 10 of Fortnite finished today precisely as planned, but the surprise has been its end: the game has been “destroyed,” swallowed by a black hole, and you can not play anymore. Millions of people around the world have been stunned by the “end” of one of the most popular titles of all time. Even the official Twitter account of the game has erased all its contents, except for the live broadcast and this apocalyptic tweet.

A black hole and random numbers

In case anyone has any doubts, Fortnite obviously does not end, and it is all about an advertising maneuver to create expectation before Season 11, which among several new features will include a completely new map as it was leaked this Friday.

The retransmission of Fortnite shows at the moment a black hole, product of the destruction of the original map. Epic Games has taken this “end of the game” to the last consequences, eliminating the game from its website and making redirect to black hole relay. Even Fortnite social media accounts have deleted their profile images.

The destruction of the Fortnite map Fortnite players could see the destruction of the map live, in a kind of cataclysm that ended up forming the black hole that now stars everything. Users who were in the game lobby saw it this way:

At the moment, it is not known when the ” Big Bang ” that brings Fortnite back to life will occur, but it will probably happen in the next few hours.

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