A New Era for Elden Ring: FromSoftware Takes the Reins

In a significant shift within the gaming industry, FromSoftware has officially become the sole owner of the “Elden Ring” intellectual property, marking the end of its partnership with Bandai Namco regarding rights ownership. This change, facilitated by investments from Sony and Tencent in 2022, grants FromSoftware complete control over the future of the critically acclaimed title and its universe.

Strategic Investments Lead to Ownership Transfer

The transition of “Elden Ring” IP ownership to FromSoftware was made possible through strategic investments by Sony and Tencent, who collectively acquired a 30% stake in the studio. This move underscores the value and potential of FromSoftware’s creations and aligns with the studio’s goal of expanding its intellectual property across various media, including anime and movies.

Official Registration and Future Possibilities

The official registration of the change in ownership was documented on April 24, 2023, with the US Patent Office and the UK’s Intellectual Property Office. This development opens up new avenues for “Elden Ring” and its universe, potentially leading to expansions, adaptations, and new projects under FromSoftware’s direct guidance.

Anticipation Builds for Shadow of the Erdtree

While fans eagerly await news on the “Shadow of the Erdtree” expansion, rumours suggest its release may be imminent, with speculative dates circulating online. Additionally, there’s a buzz about a possible free mobile game inspired by “Elden Ring,” potentially developed by Tencent. This speculation is bolstered by Tencent’s investment in FromSoftware, hinting at the IP’s expansion into new gaming formats.

A Milestone for FromSoftware

This ownership change signifies a milestone for FromSoftware, empowering the studio to steer the “Elden Ring” saga in its envisioned direction. With the freedom to explore and develop the IP across different platforms and media, the future of “Elden Ring” promises to be as expansive and immersive as the game’s universe itself.

Stay Tuned for Future Developments

For the latest news, updates, and announcements regarding “Elden Ring” and its expansions, follow FromSoftware’s official channels and social media platforms.


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