In addition, throughout a detailed survey, a large part of the professionals in the sector believe that the Epic Games Store will be a success.

GDC, the annual convention of well-known video game professionals Game Developers Conference, will be held again at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, California. Before the start of March 16, the organizers decided to poll their participants and attendees with a survey that helps to take the pulse of the sector. The report, which asks about preferences and forecasts, drops a reality: developers prefer PS5 over Xbox Series X or even Nintendo Switch.


A glimpse of what is to come?

The survey, conducted among a multitude of participants, states that among the consoles and platforms that are yet to come, PS5 is preferred by video game professionals. The interest aroused by PlayStation 5 is higher than that generated by Xbox Series X (38% vs. 25%), being the Sony console more attractive to developers and game designers than even Nintendo Switch (with 37% in that scale). However, if we leave the consoles, the PC is still the king, with a 50% preference.


At the same time, the organizers of GDC have asked if they prefer to focus exclusively on the new generation platforms or launch their future games also in other previous systems, this option being one of the most chosen, 22%. Only 5% of respondents plan to release their games exclusively for PS5 or Xbox Series X, while 39% affirm and acknowledge that they have not decided. Regarding digital stores, the vast majority think that Steam would have to have better royalties and economic distributions with developers who choose to sell their video games there, and only 6% of those surveyed by the GDC believe that the current deal is the Right.


Interestingly, 40% think that Epic Games Store will be a long-term success, becoming a portal capable of challenging the hegemony of Gabe Newell’s store. About Google Stadia, the streaming platform of Google, there are divided opinions. Confidence in the system is not desirable; only 11% say they have their hopes on it commercially, 36% in which it will perhaps be a success, and 33% say it will not come to fruition.

In mobile phones, Android is still more popular than iOS (50% vs. 48%), and in terms of immersive technologies, augmented reality is unchecked over virtual reality (32% vs. 25%).


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