Whether as a samurai or a ghost, Jin Sakai can take down his enemies with precise strikes from his katana and a whole arsenal of traps or stealth tactics.

Ghost of Tsushima is the new and ambitious action-adventure in the open world of Sucker Punch Productions, which this time they want to immerse us in the definitive “fantasy of the samurai world”, for which they have taken good note of the best films in the genre. , many from the legendary director Akira Kurosawa, to transfer the tension of katana combat in our Samurai style, and the use of “not very honourable” traps or weapons when we bet on the Ghost approach. Ghost of Tsushima, which launches on July 17 on PS4, will not force us to a specific tactic, we will have the freedom to solve each mission however we want, whether through stealth or direct combat.


Jin Sakai, the protagonist of this story, has experience in samurai combat. This is a style of fighting with weapons in which our character does not hide from his enemies, on the contrary, he comes face to face, against small groups or in duels. There are many samurai games, but none had respected the lethal combat with katanas as much as Ghost of Tsushima, with which we can make precise cuts that eliminate an enemy, sometimes with amputations. Our rivals will also act like this, study our movements and take advantage of any mistake in the defence. It is not about launching attacks in a rush, just look for the right moment. Furthermore, the study has confirmed that this facility to eliminate enemies will not be exclusive to Jin, The Mongols can also end our game in the blink of an eye.

The philosophy behind the combat is “mud, blood and steel”, a realistic and gore combat: “If you’ve seen a samurai movie you know how it is. These men cut themselves with a single blow of their swords, and capturing that makes it different to many other games. For this reason, you can die very quickly, just like the enemies. It took us a while to make it work. We are very happy with the result, and we think it will look good on screen. “


If we consider that the number of enemies is very high, the other option is the path of The Ghost, where stealth allows attacking from behind, from shadows or heights, as well as a whole list of distractions with fireworks, stones that divert patrols, instill fear in enemies to flee the place, shooting with the bow, launching kunais, the use of the hook to climb rooftops, smoke bombs … Similar to other games with stealth option, we will be indicated when we are about to be detected so that we can avoid giving the alarm to the other colleagues.

Different armour for each style

Jin’s appearance will be different depending on the style of play, reflecting the protection and mobility offered by each aspect. It will not only be aesthetic customization -it is possible to change colours with certain plants-, you can also equip omamori talismans to achieve active or passive skills that guide our style of play, the way to regain health or the benefits of using a specific type of bomb. In any case, Ghost of Tsushima will not force you to a specific style, the whole game can be overcome with the initial samurai style.

” With the skills you choose, you get the style of play that best suits you. You can be successful in the game by playing just like a samurai as well if you want. A couple of developers are actually doing this,” the director explained. Nate Fox.


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