There is speculation with online cooperative functions in the sequel to its open-world RPG or the return of the Killzone saga with a multiplayer title.

The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn would include a multiplayer mode or Guerrilla Games works on another online project. This is what is deduced from the new job offers of the studio, known for years by the Killzone series, which is looking for personnel dedicated to network functions, something that was not present in its last game – an open-world action RPG-.

One of the positions to be filled is that of a server engineer to work on “systems such as matchmaking, tournaments, clans and scoring boards” The offer for a senior programmer points more to Horizon Zero Dawn 2 than to a new Killzone, as it speaks of an “epic open world” that will help develop “short and long-distance combat weapons, fighting, movement mechanics, skills of the player, damage responses, camera, inventory and economy systems “, elements associated with Horizon, preferably with multiplayer experience.

It is possible that Guerrilla Games actually work in two games and both have multiplayer. Horizon could include an optional cooperative similar to a saga like Monster Hunter – a huge robot hunt – and that Killzone’s return is dedicated exclusively to multiplayer. Sony showed its interest in promoting these games in its catalogue and Guerrilla is one of the most experienced studios in Worldwide Studios.

One of the first PlayStation 5 launch titles?

There is not much doubt about the existence of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 since the first one has been a key game in the history of the studio due to 10/10 reviews and commercial success, now the team has grown enough to make two great gamesLast year it was around 400 employees and had plans to double the figure with positions clearly oriented to its role-playing game and others to improve its Decima Engine engine – also used by Death Stranding – or multiplayer functions. It is expected that some of these games will be presented along with PS5.

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