Kojima Productions Embarks on ‘Physint’ Following Personal Reflection

In a heartfelt revelation during the latest HideoTube special, Hideo Kojima, the visionary behind iconic titles like “Metal Gear” and “Death Stranding,” announced “Physint,” a new tactical action game. This announcement comes after a period of personal health challenges and introspection for Kojima, leading him to prioritize projects that resonate deeply with his fans and legacy.

A Realization That Sparked Creation

Kojima’s decision to develop “Physint” was influenced by his own confrontation with mortality during the pandemic. After falling ill in 2020, undergoing surgery, and facing what he described as his “lowest moment,” Kojima penned a will and grappled with the inevitability of death. This period of reflection prompted him to shift his priorities towards fulfilling the desires of his audience, despite his ongoing interest in exploring new creative avenues.

The Influence of Cinema and Friendship

In addition to his game development endeavors, Kojima expressed a desire to delve into North American cinema, a venture supported by his interactions with renowned director Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro’s encouragement to continue blending cinematic storytelling with interactive gaming has been a significant source of inspiration for Kojima, reinforcing his commitment to creating games that transcend traditional media boundaries.

‘Physint’: A Tactical Espionage Action Game

While details about “Physint” remain scarce, the game is anticipated to be a spiritual successor to the “Metal Gear” series, offering fans a new spy action experience. The project, a collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, is expected to begin production following the completion of “Death Stranding 2: On the Beach,” slated for release in 2025 exclusively on PS5.

Looking Forward

As Kojima Productions gears up for the development of “Physint,” the gaming community eagerly awaits further details about this intriguing new venture. Kojima’s journey—from confronting personal health challenges to reevaluating his creative priorities—underscores the profound impact of life’s fragility on artistic expression.


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