While Hogwarts Legacy skipped its date at The Game Awards, it looks like the Wizarding World game is gearing up to be seen at an upcoming PlayStation event.

The Game Awards 2021 put a magnifying glass on all kinds of announcements and trailers. Still, there were also great absentees at the gala: the Magical World of Hogwarts Legacy did not poke its ears out of the event, but it seems that it would do so soon in a show organized by PlayStation. We talk about the ambitious Avalanche RPG that, precisely, was presented for the first time at an event dedicated to PS5. It will be available around the world for all platforms.

Hogwarts Legacy could appear in an upcoming PlayStation event.

As industry insider Millie shared on Twitter, it looks like we could see a new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy soon. Warner Bros. would be opting for a “careful” promotion of the game after last year’s reveal was overshadowed by transphobic comments from the author of the saga, JK Rowling. A situation that forced the creators to affirm that the writer is not “directly involved” in the project’s development.

“the game was last showed Hogwarts Legacy over a year ago. It was shown right in the middle of all the JK media controversy. The game fell victim to that,” Millie notes. ” WB is being cautious with this game. For now, however, it seems that indecision and caution are winning.” Not surprisingly, the game ended up being affected not only by the controversy related to JK Rowling: the designer of the project also had to abandon development due to other comments made on his YouTube channel.

Millie has also echoed a rumour that the major made a call to The Game Awards to remove the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy of the event and replace it with the advance of the Wonder Woman game, an open-world game with a system Nemesis that comes from the hand of Monolith. Currently, the title that will take us headlong to the Wizarding World is expected to be shown at an upcoming PlayStation event.

Hogwarts Legacy is presented as an open-world role-playing game, where players can forge their legend in true Harry Potter style. It will be available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S next 2022.


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