The Horizon game for PlayStation VR2 will be one of those present at the State of Play that Sony will present tomorrow.

When Sony announced the State of Play for tomorrow, June 2, it anticipated that the event would focus on two main blocks: third-party game announcements and PlayStation VR2 news, the PS5 virtual reality headset. We did not know anything about what we will see in said broadcast, streaming worldwide tomorrow. Still, PlayStation wanted to give us a little appetizer by anticipating that one of the VR games that we will see tomorrow will be Horizon Call of the Mountain.

This project was announced earlier this year, along with the first details of PlayStation VR2. At that time, the studio confirmed that Firesprite, one of the latest acquisitions of PlayStation Studios, was the studio in charge of its development (under the supervision of Guerrilla Games, yes). A brief teaser was also shown to specify that this spin-off will not star Aloy, the main character of the Horizon series, although Sony gave no further details. We know that we will see it again in the State of Play tomorrow.

When will Horizon Call of the Mountain be released?

It’s still too early to tell when Horizon Call of the Mountain will be released because it’s a PlayStation VR2 title, and the headset doesn’t have a release date. Of course, certain voices point to a possible launch of virtual reality glasses before April 2023, so perhaps this project would also be published around that date. Speaking of rumours, some say that this title could also be released in Meta Quest 2, Facebook’s VR viewer, so it would not be exclusive to PlayStation. All this is speculation, so we will have to wait for tomorrow’s State of Play to learn more about the project.


Source: Playstation
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