Guerrilla Games has shared news about the new machines we will face in Horizon 2: Forbidden West when it releases on February 18 on PS5 and PS4.

A Horizon West Forbidden, he still has just over three months to be released in PS5 and PS4. Still, Guerrilla Games do not want us to forget the next adventure of Aloy and, every so often, are posting updates on the official PlayStation blog. Not long ago, we could see new details of exploration, combat, and skills in the second installment of the saga Horizon, and today it is the turn of the metal beasts that roam the open-world post-apocalyptic.

Bo de Vries, the studio’s community manager, signs an extensive article. We can see both new machines that will appear in Horizon Forbidden West and others that we already had to face in Horizon Zero Dawn. Those who have not played the first installment may prefer to read the article once that adventure ends since they may find spoilers of the creatures they will have to face in it.

More creatures with more varied behaviours

The article also includes statements by Blake Politeski, the main designer of the machines, who explains how they have tried to explore a new region of the Horizon universe to get that noticeable in the machines that live in it. He also anticipates that the variety of animals in this sequel will be much more significant, surpassing the 25 different types in Horizon Zero Dawn .

“With Horizon Forbidden West, we are going to expand the catalogue. For example, we wanted a flying machine somewhat larger than the Raptor: the Sunwing “; Politeski explains. “We studied various flying reptiles and primitive birds for inspiration, and it occurred to us that their wings collect solar energy on sunny days. This is how we created an exciting game dynamic: Alasols are vulnerable when harvesting solar energy, but they are also more alert. Against possible predators when they are at rest “.

The variety of beasts will not only be noticed in the different types but also their behaviour: “Many machines have different weapons and behaviours that you can use to your advantage. It is no longer enough to extract components and use them.” Those responsible for Guerrilla Games explain that they have wanted to give metallic animals a series of their characteristics that players can use during the game: “Some machines could have other passive states while the player tries to sneak upon them. For example, if a machine is looking for resources on the ground, it will raise a cloud of dust that Aloy can use to get closer without being seen. ”

We have already seen some of these beasts. One of them is the Terremamut, which in the last trailer was controlled by the rebel faction of the Tenakth but which we can also find in nature, or the Garriraptor, a new mount that also made an act of presence in the first trailers of the game. In addition, there will be the Diggers, the Avempestad and the Galámpago.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18 for PS5 and PS4 with a free update to its next-generation version.

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