The Crytek video game invites us to fight monsters, fight against other players and launch ourselves to explore the Lousiana swamps.

Crytek has announced the release for Hunt: Showdown on PC. The video game comes after a period of early access and priced for $39.99. The edition for PS4 and Xbox One will appear a few months later, specifically in the fall. The company has announced that it will be released with a new downloadable content called Legends of the Bayou for $44.99, which can also be purchased separately at $9.99. They also released a launch trailer.

“The development of Hunt: Showdown has been completely driven by the community and that has been a very rewarding experience for the whole team. Together with the community, we were able to create the memorable, tense and fun gaming experience we set out to do. For example. , a community request inspires us to add teams of three in Hunt along with many other features, “said Fatih Özbayram, Hunt’s chief producer. “So thank you very much to all those who have supported us throughout the development process, we could not have done it without you,” he concluded.

“Thank you very much to all those who have supported us throughout the development process”

Hunt: Showdown is a horror and action video game entered into the online multiplayer experience. Its history is set in the nineteenth century in a world in which myths and legends are very real, so we will embody hunters willing to hunt them down.

“From the first game, Hunt: Showdown was able to show us that we were wrong, that, although it looks like Evolve in its concept, the title has a few playable mechanics that make it attractive, interesting and fun, offering a mix of sensations that combines its Stealth mechanics with winks to the survival horror and the interaction and confrontations against other players that have turned out to be very satisfactory “ .

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