Toys are going war in this new multiplayer action game that will also come to PC.
The HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed team has announced that its game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch console on January 31, 2020. The game is available on Steam through early access and we still don’t know if the final version will be available on the same day.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is an independent game that is being developed by the Digital Cybercherries team. His proposal is that of a first-person action game that takes us to the world of toys and moves, precisely, on that scale, within locations such as a kid’s room.

As a small toy soldier made of plastic, our mission is to destroy the rivals, manage the defences and ultimately win the victory.

The game will offer a multiplayer split-screen on Nintendo Switch for up to four players, although this aspect will be limited to the use of the console connected to the TV. PC players will also have a multiplayer option to split-screen.

The multiplayer allows up to eight players (in online games for teams 4 to 4 style) and also has a cooperative for two simultaneous users.

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