The Russian development team Team Clout has shown a trailer and several videos of their first-person horror game that will feature the Lumen and Nanite technologies of UE 5.
One of the promises that Unreal Engine 5, the new version of Epic Games’ graphics engine, brings is the ease of small development teams creating technically surprising video games. Suppose ILL, Team Clout’s first-person action horror adventure represents what independent studios will be able to do with these tools. In that case, we are in for a few years where photorealism will be possible even outside of major production companies.

According to the Russian development team working on the title, the trailer you can see on these lines has been captured in-game. The textures, lighting, animations and post-processing effects represent a generational leap in a title reminiscent of Resident Evil 7 for different reasons (the setting, the way the protagonist’s hands move).

That video comes a year after Maxim Verehin, one of the developers, posted several clips on his YouTube channel showing elements of the game before development switched to Unreal Engine 5 . Even at that time, it already looked spectacular in the cinematic scenes, the mini-boss design, and the short gameplay sections featured.

Team Clout promises a title with “immersive graphics and exciting designs,” “advanced” physics, interactive environments, dismemberments (as you can see in the video below), real-time body transformations (something that is also shown in another video that inserts down) and a simple story: according to this cinematic scene, it seems that we are facing a slasher in which the protagonist is trapped in a nightmare environment after having an accident.

Eight people developed the title with the help of Patreon.

Currently, the title is being financed with the support of the 660 patrons of the Patreon of the developers, a group of professionals “with many years of experience.” The team was previously called Woof Games and specialized in mobile games, with which they achieved more than 15 million downloads. In 2020 they started this new project. As of November 19, eight people are working full time on the title and other outsourced.


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