Developed by Path Games, the horror game Insomnis is supported by PlayStation Talents. This same October 29, it reaches the PlayStation consoles for $14.99

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Well, now you are going to have a reason for not being able to sleep. That is what the Barcelona studio Path Games developers are looking for, who will launch their terrifying Insomnis this Friday, October 29, both on PS4 and PS5. The game has been developed with the support of PlayStation Talents and will be available on both consoles for a price of  $14.99. In addition, from the PlayStation Store and the title is rated for Mature.

Welcome to the Castevet Mansion in Insomnis

” Joe Castevet has just received an inheritance, an old mansion on the outskirts of the country. What Joe did not imagine is that the gift was a curse … Discover the dark secrets that await in the home of the Castevet and fight! Against your destiny in a story full of intrigue and terror! “we can read in his press release. The trailer allows us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the game fully: a mansion that seems forgotten in the middle of a grove, with a gloomy appearance, and that invites us to everything except to enter.

However, of course, we will go inside to take a look at the Castevet Mansion. The first-person camera takes a tour of the different rooms that we can visit during our adventure: spacious rooms, a kind of infirmary, a gloomy game room … all of it spiced up with realistic graphics and an atmosphere that puts the hair of tip.

“As you enter the Castevet dwelling, the scenery will change, and it will become a more violent place. Your worst nightmares will come to life,” say the developers. While our decisions will be the ones that decide the end of the game to one side or the other, we will have to be very aware of something: nothing is what it seems. Don’t be fooled by what you see in the mansion.

Throughout our adventure, we will have to solve all kinds of interconnected puzzles while trying to keep our sanity … as intact as possible. The goal of Path Games is to induce players into a state of constant terror, either by relying on the setting or the sounds that will surround the player as they progress.

” Joe Castevet is the grandson of a famous English scientist named Roman Castevet. When Roman dies, he bequeaths the mansion where he lived to his grandson. Once there, Joe will begin to investigate each of the rooms in search of answers.” Are you ready to enter? Insomnis will be available on PS4 and PS5 this coming October 29. There is also a PC version via Steam, but it is not available at this time.

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