Konami is working on resurrecting several of its sagas for the next few years, one of them being Silent Hill, with a game created by Kojima Studios and financed by Sony.

The last 24 hours have been full of information and rumours about the future of Konami in video games. While the eFootball series has started in the worst possible way, the Japanese studio is preparing to resurrect several of the series that made it one of the queens of the video game years ago and, among them, is, of course, Silent Hill.

Konami would not be in charge of creating a new video game from their survival horror license. Still, that work, according to a trusted source of the well-known portal Gematsu, would be carried out by Kojima Productions, the development studio of Hideo Kojima that would already be working on a new installment of Silent Hill that Sony would finance, so in theory, we would be facing an exclusive PlayStation 5 game and who knows if it would also reach PS4 and, in the future after its launch, on PC.

This is not the first time Kojima has been linked to Silent Hill since he left Konami, and Sony itself has made the odd wink on occasion, while Hideo Kojima also seems to have given a strange clue in social networks .

Silent Hill would have at least two deliveries in development.

This information that Gematsu offers today is just one more drop in a river of rumours and information that have been circulating on the network for months. The Silent Hill series would have several games in development, one of them being Kojima is working on and another a different project from the Bloober Team would carry out, creators of The Medium, with its director giving some clues about this game in an interview to GameIndustry.

In addition, Silent Hill is just one of the titles that Konami would be planning to resurrect since other emblematic names that we would soon see reappear in the world of video games such as a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 or a new Castlevania installment .


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