Hideo Kojima has announced that Kojima Productions is saying goodbye to the offices where they have been working for six years. He has posted photos of the empty rooms but has not shared what his new headquarters looks like.

Hideo Kojima, founder and CEO of Kojima Productions, today announced that the company had vacated the offices they have been operating in since they established themselves as an independent studio. These offices are located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and have been the subject of many photographs from colleagues in the industry who have visited the studio’s headquarters. It is a place well known by fans of today’s video games, especially for the famous white corridor where the statue of Ludens, the company’s official mascot, was located.

“Today is the day we say goodbye to the entrance, the Ludens corridor and the kitchen that has been our home for a little over five years,” Hideo Kojima himself said in a tweet posted on his account, and adds: “Many memories come to mind. Goodbye.” In these messages and subsequent tweets, Kojima has shared some images of the empty Kojima Productions offices, which undoubtedly means that this move has been in the studio’s plans for a while.

What is Kojima Productions currently working on?

This change of offices could mean a new direction in the plans of Kojima Productions, although we cannot guarantee it because the company is not a friend of sharing its long-term projects. Yes, we know that Hideo Kojima is working on two video games because he confirmed it at the end of last year; one of them would be a triple-A that, according to the designer, “everyone will want to play.” He has also described it as a project that will blur the line between different media. In addition to video games, Kojima Productions announced the opening of a studio focused on movies, television series and music, a division based in Los Angeles. Directed by Riley Russell, formerly of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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