The Nintendo video game presents a detailed look at its features before it goes on sale on Nintendo Switch on October 31.

Nintendo has distributed a new trailer, and a special spot for Japanese television focused on Luigi’s Mansion 3, the latest video game starring the frightened plumber Mario’s brother, who will arrive next October 31 to the hybrid console and the one that a few weeks ago we could try and comment. Almost without eating or drinking it, Luigi will be involved in an adventure in the form of a rescue mission when he hoped to spend a few days on vacation at a luxury hotel.

This hotel is haunted!

What was going to be a dream vacation will end up becoming a big and dangerous nightmare when King Boo tries to capture Mario, Peach and his friends. With the help of the wise Professor E, we will return to incarnate Luigi, launching ourselves in a rescue adventure throughout the hotel as mentioned earlier, which will be one of the great protagonists. As usual, our beloved character must fight and face ghosts and terrors of all kinds while looking to catch them in his new catching backpack.

This is the new and improved Poltergust G-00, a device that, with the help of Gomiluigi, will allow us to fight against the supernatural powers that reign in this third part or solve some of the puzzles. This feature, thanks to the local cooperative mode drop in drop out, will be more critical than ever. And it is not the only multiplayer mode, as this third part will present a revolutionary new competitive multiplayer designed for a maximum of eight simultaneous players.

With a single console, up to eight players can participate, in teams, in fun mini-game batches technically improved game that will arrive on October 31

They will not be the only novelties of Luigi’s Mansion 3, as we will have powerful final bosses, extraordinary creatures with precise attack routines, as well as a good number of changes in combat and exploration concerning previous deliveries will be released. However, the saga goes from Nintendo 3DS to Nintendo Switch after several deliveries, and it shows from minute one, with better modelling, textures and lighting effects.

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