These missions would last up to two hours. The game starring Marvel’s Avengers will be available on September 4 on both PC and consoles.

Marvel’s Avengers is the new leap from the gaming world to the rich Marvel universe. Developed by Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, the title presents us with a new story starring the Avengers, the group of superheroes that have conquered the cinema box office in recent years. Scheduled to debut on September 4 on both PC and consoles, the game’s creators maintain that after its debut we will have the opportunity to enjoy raid or incursion missions, which last between 1-2 hours

Marvel’s Avengers will feature raid missions of up to 2 hours

Crystal Dynamics director Philippe Therien and designer Lauryn Ash recently participated in a question and answer session, hosted on Reddit. It was at this time that Therien confirmed that the raid missions will be added to the Marvel’s Avengers game shortly after launch, although he has not been able to offer a specific date: “They will be very close to launch”, noting that they will arrive “a few weeks later.”

“I think we will feature them in one of the upcoming game news trailers, so I hope you can get a first look … and then be able to enjoy them a few weeks later. We are also working more on them,” Therien explained, adding that these raids can last “one or two hours”, depending on the team that accompanies us and the Hives. Regarding the beta, which was recently announced to start on August 7 on PS4 and for pre-order only, Therien noted the following: “You will see some variety in the beta version, but very long War Zones are not part of this phase. “.

Regarding the duration of the different game modes of Marvel’s Avengers, Therien added the following: ” Drop Zones reach 10 minutes, while War Zones vary between 15-30 minutes .” In turn, he adds that the villain zones can last more or less, depending on how our team is standing up to these bosses: “But I imagine they will last a good 30 minutes. Our equivalent to raids can last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the team and the Beehives “.

Therien also wanted to solve some doubts about the team that will accompany us in these modes: ” Everything that requires other humans to play, will have the match available. Almost everything can be played with companions.” However, the companions managed by the AI ​​will also be part of the game: “The exceptions are for some end game content that we will release soon

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on September 4 on both PC and consoles. Square Enix recently announced that Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, will be available for free after the game’s launch, along with a new story and villain. To know all the details that we know so far about the game, we invite you to read our preview.


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