Following the departure of Mark Healey from Sony and Media Molecule, the studio has found a new replacement, and it is already announced: John Beech.

Media Molecule saddened its community after announcing that Dreams would no longer be supported as they were focused on developing a new game. PlayStation users’ favourite editor will no longer receive support starting in September. Added to this was the sad news of the departure of Mark Healey, one of the co-founders of Media Molecule, from Sony. In this way, the study was left with no one in charge to lead this new project. VGC informed us that this problem is already solved since John Beech, now the team’s leading designer, happens to occupy Healey’s position as creative director. “We are extremely honoured to introduce our new Creative Director!” Media Molecule said on Twitter.

John Beench will replace Mark Healey as the new head of Media Molecule.

” I couldn’t be more honoured to assume the role of Creative Director at Media Molecule,” Beench commented in response to the company’s publication. “They are some of the most incredibly creative people I have ever had the privilege to meet. I will do everything possible to make them and the community proud!” Beench saved a few words for Healey after taking over from her. ” I also want to add that I stand on the shoulders of the creative giant, Mark Healey. I have some pretty big boots to fill, and I hope I can make him proud in my new role.” The company’s co-founder responded very kindly to the new creative director, stating he could look for him when he had problems.

” Congrats, buddy; I’m sure you’ll do great. And remember, whenever you need therapy, you know where to find me.” Any details on what’s next from Media Molecule are still unknown. Still, it has been confirmed that a few updates are coming to Dreams,” including the highly anticipated Train, a significant animation improvement, and our latest update to Creation Mode.”


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