The development studio; Ghost  Games is working hard on Need for Speed  Heat and it will be available on November 8.

Need for Speed ​​Heat will be available on November 8 on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One, and the Ghost Games development studio is already warming up engines. They have pointed out that this title will improve the players’ experience regarding police pursuits.

Police chases will represent an important part of Need for Speed ​​Heat, and it seems that the development team is taking very seriously to offer polished mechanics and according to the expectations of the players.

The police presence in the game will be greater at night, establishing a relationship with the heat level or Heat of the game: the more heat you accumulate, the more police will appear. In fact, the heat level does not run out for the rest of the night: so, if the police find us again the pursuit will continue.

The developers consider that they have ‘greatly improved’ the police experience

Ghost Games has also worked on the tools that the police already had in Need for Speed ​​Payback, and now they have helicopters and more rhino units that will not hesitate to launch against the players.

The developer has also focused on how to make the operation of the police more intelligent and, at the same time, that the players feel rewarded by defeating them. We can beat the cops by finding places to hide or lose sight of them; or we can be aggressive and, using the scenario in our favour, make them crash against each other.

The police experience has been “greatly improved” with respect to the previous installments of the series.

We remind you that Need for Speed ​​Heat will be available on November 8 on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One.

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